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  • Summer means the start of barbeques and enjoying the great outdoors; it also means eating plenty of warm weather treats.
  • However, there are some summer foods that should be reserved solely for your people friends and should stay away from your pup.
  • Grapes, ice cream, and avocado are just three of the foods you should never give your dog.

Summer signals the start of backyard barbecue season, but before you give your pooch a taste of what’s cooking, be sure it’s OK for dogs to eat.

If you’re doing summer right, you’re entertaining. Whether it’s in the backyard, by the pool, or around a barbecue, as long as you’re surrounded by good food and great company, summer will be the highlight of your year. If you’re like me, though, that means you’re sometimes taking your eyes off the pups. Wherever there’s food, they’ll be there begging for scraps and picking up anything that’s accidentally (or intentionally) dropped on the ground. Here’s what you should look out for to make sure your favorite pooch doesn’t devour it.


It’s best to avoid giving these to your furry friend.

While a little avocado should be OK, it’s best to avoid the fruit altogether. Avocados contain persin, which can be toxic for dogs. It’s in the meat, pit and skin, so you should keep your pups away from the guacamole dish. If you happen to grow avocados, keep your eye out for any dropped fruit.